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Community Health Design | Instructors: Rosemary Dolata and Samuel Carlsen | Fall 2015 

In Collaboration with Lafayette Doty and Bryan Hildebrant

Site context_route diagram.jpg

Through conversations with community members and personal observation, it was discovered that aging in place was a concern for residents living in Prospect Park, a neighborhood located east of the University. The area’s steep topography and uneven surfaces presented a challenge to senior mobility and independence.


In response, Senior Circuit was designed to promote the health and integration of the elderly. Connecting existing community amenities, gardens, and parks throughout this historic neighborhood, the route includes a heated rubber sidewalk, railings, benches, and lighting as well as redevelopment in a few key locations.

  • Encourages walking

  • Range of difficulty in routes

Health Benefits

  • Promotes social interaction between diverse age groups

  • Keeps community whole

  • Helps maintain independence

  • Easier access to outdoor spaces

Tower Hill Section Cut Render (1).jpg

Highway 94 Pedestrian Bridge

Improvements to the bridge would increase interaction between the two areas that make up Prospect Park.


  1. Elevator

  2. Heated rubber Sidewalk

  3. Accessible Stairs

4. Trash Cans

5. Water Catchment System

6. Prospect Park Railings

7. Lights
8. Greenery
9. Benches

10. Heated Sidewalk

11. Improved Ramp

Tower Hill Park

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