Architecture on the Go | Instructor: Bruce Wright | Spring 2016

In Collaboration with Nhi Nguyen and Keaton Nemes

Process Design - Quarter Scale

This 8’-0" by 5’-0" by 7’-0" portable greenhouse addresses biophilia by reestablishing a connection to nature in urban settings. Downtown areas was the target location due to scarcity in parks and large population of working adults. Intended for a single occupant, the Plant Oasis offers a convenient space for people to take a break from their day and decompress in a quiet environment.


Inspired by the art of origami, the idea of a collapsible structure led the design effort. After researching examples of portable structures and common materials, high-impact polypropylene and PET were chosen for their lightweight and durable qualities. Environmentally friendly and recyclable, these materials further enforce the idea of ephemerality. Additionally, the heat and sound insulation capabilities of polypropylene make it usable year-round.

Final Design - Half Scale

Folding the polypropylene accordion-style against the corrugation increases its structural stability and allows for easy transport.

Modular walls allow additional panels to be attached for greater shelter length. Multiple units can also be attached.