Design Fundamentals II | Instructors: Adam Jarvi and David Horner | Spring 2015

In Collaboration with Julia Maurus and Terrence Caploe


Folded. Wired. Volumetric. These three material studies, conducted independently, eventually led to the creation of an inhabitable subterranean space. Each exploration culminated in an amalgamate of one’s ideas with his or her team members’. One can see how design concepts evolved throughout each phase and how they began to translate from the individual design to the collaborative one. 

Due to its seclusion and views of the Mississippi River, the courtyard at Ted Mann Concert Hall on the University of Minnesota - West Bank was the site of choice. The intent was to enhance this underutilized forum for concert guests as well as draw students to this hideaway either as a place to gather or to simply pass through. This was achieved by the sequence of small to large elements creating a sense of transition, while the largest space established permanency.


The concept of graduation, present in the independent designs, was carried through each phase.


Access to opulent natural light makes the largest volume a central meeting point while the passageway encourages continuous movement.