Temple of Time

Residential Healthcare: Housing for Seniors | Instructor: Morgan Andersson | Fall 2019

In Collaboration with Pierre Linger and Henrik Wrennö 

exterior render final.png

Temple of Time aims to enhance the living conditions for people with dementia. The project houses 88 residents including necessary facilities, staff spaces, and public functions. The site resides in a naturally lush landscape located on the southern side of Hisingen, in close proximity to central Gothenburg. Sitting on the edge of Bräcke park, the lot forms an entrance to the Bräcke Diakoni organization grounds. 

The building is based upon the concept of an inner world with units shielding a central, secluded garden.

The building also emphasizes the importance of wandering, seen in how the spaces, both in small and big scale, are conceived around circular flows of movement. The idea of the inner world creates grades of privacy, making it possible for everyone to find their place.

Site Context.png


Level 1

Plan 1 A3 400_colored.png

A restaurant, bakery, and theater bring in people from the neighborhood, integrating the elderly with the community. Three separate entrances create different zones and provide more privacy to residents when desired.


Plan 2  A3 400_colored.png

Residential Levels (2-3)

The apartments surround a central atrium, mirroring the way in which the units enclose the Garden. This also provides light and reduces the feeling of a corridor. 

Main Entrance

entrance render final.png

One can catch a glimpse of the Garden beyond.


The Garden

The Garden is the heart of the building with secluded rooms, or “hidden gems”, for various activities around its perimeter. 

Water room Illustration.png
Fire room Illustration RASTERIZED.png

As residents wander through the Garden, they can stumble upon the Rooms of Elements: Fire and Water, a spiritual experience.

Residential Unit

Unit Render final.png

An entrance nook allows residents to sit in their own space and enjoy the light yard.

Typical Apartment- 30 m2

Room A3 1_100 regular ap_ Lines.png

The apartment continues the concept of wandering. Each room has several entrances so there are no dead ends. This allows flexibility in furniture arrangements depending on one's needs and preferences.

Colored Elevations.png


Colored Elevations.png


Colored Elevations.png



The facade is dark wood, a contrast to the light, airy interior. In this way, the building itself represents an inner world as what you experience on the exterior is not at all what greets you inside.